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Synthacaine is a local anesthetic compound with a close chemical analog to dimethicone or lidocaine. It is known as a proprietary synthetic blend, with stronger stimulant properties close to half of the cocaine’s potency. If you want to buy Synthacaine you can get it, one of the trusted and certified suppliers of research chemicals in Europe. Please browse our other research chemicals product listings and product quantities throughout the site. If you have any questions regarding this research chemical, please don’t hesitate to contact us through our online form.

Synthacaine sold via Legal High Labs is available in amounts ranging from 1g to 25kg at genuine trade competitive prices. All the research chemicals that you purchase from our store are always of the best quality, and always with a minimum of 99% purity. This is definitely the purest Synthacaine you will find anywhere on the net to date, we have been waiting for several months to get this product right and it has been worth it. We use completely unnatural ingredients sourced ethically from our supplier lab to bring you this wholesome and healthy alternative to cocaine. Synthacaine Legal High contains dimethicone and lidocaine 1 gram.