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Buy Pure Cheap Ephenidine Powder Online. Ephedrine is a dissociative anaesthetic and acts as an antagonist for the NMDA receptor.

Ephenidine / EPE / N-Ethyl-1,2diphenylethylamine is a new product on the market, easily approachable to experienced researchers and old fans of Methoxetamine. Researchers looking for a MXE replacement may want to research this product.


Buy Ephenidine Powder Online

What is Ephenidine?
Ephenidine is a potent research chemical that falls in the diarylethylamine class. It is a dissociative that is often touted for being stronger than ketamine and MXE for producing distorting results. Ephenidine is an NDMA antagonist. If you plan on conducting experiments with Ephenidine, then be prepared to expect findings of spatial disorientation, changes in the perception of gravity, tactile suppression, drifting sensations, environmental cubism, and psychedelic hallucinations. Make sure that laboratory safety procedures are used and respirator masks are used during experiments.

Where to buy Ephenidine?
BUYRC.ORG is one of the top ephenidine vendors online. We have high-quality ephenidine in several different forms. If you do not see your preferred form as an option, please feel free to contact us to check when it will be available. Our chemicals are for research purposes only and are not for animal or human use.

Buy Ephenidine powder Online and related diarylethylamines have been concentrated in people as medicines for neurotoxic wounds.

Recreational use was not reported until the 2013 U.K.

Arylcyclohexylamine boycott, when it was delivered on the online examination synthetic market. It was promoted close by diphenidine and methoxphenidine as a substitute for methoxetamine (MXE).

In spite of clients guaranteeing especially various impacts.

Almost no information exists about the pharmacological properties, digestion, and harmfulness of ephenidine, and it has an incredibly restricted history of human use. The maltreatment of diarylethylamines has been connected to various deadly and non-lethal overdoses. Numerous reports propose that they may present unexpected dangers in comparison to conventional dissociatives. It is exceptionally encouraged to utilize hurt decrease rehearses if utilizing this substance.


Additional data: NMDA receptor foe

Buy Ephenidine powder Online goes about as a foe of the NMDA receptor (Ki = 66.4 nM).

The NMDA (N-methyl-D-aspartate) receptor is one of the significant receptor subtypes for glutamate, the major excitatory synapse in the focal sensory system (CNS). At the point when NMDA channels are hindered, lost inclination (sedation), trouble moving (immobilization), and at higher dosages, what could be compared to the “K-gap” results.

Ephenidine likewise has more vulnerable liking for the dopamine and norepinephrine carriers (379 nM and 841 nM, separately) just as σ1R (629 nM) and σ2R (722 nM) restrict locales. Ephenidine powder

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