What Is  Legal Highs?

Legal highs are psychoactive drugs that contain various chemical ingredients, some of which are illegal while others are not. They produce similar effects to illegal drugs like cocaine, cannabis, and ecstasy.

How are Legal Highs sold?

They are sold in a variety of forms – powder, pills, liquids, capsules, perforated tabs and smoking mixtures, to name a few. The substances are often sold in “head shops”   also you can buy legal high shop near me or legal high shops near me alongside drug paraphernalia.

There have also been reports of some people injecting legal highs. Because they cannot be labeled as being for human consumption, they are often marketed as plant food, bath salts, or incense.

What are the effects of legal Highs?

They are either stimulants (making users feel energised), sedatives (making users feel relaxed or euphoric), or psychedelics (altering perceptions and making users hallucinate).

What are the risks of legal Highs?

The chemicals contained in legal highs have not been tested for safety, so users cannot be sure what the outcome will be. They can cause paranoia, seizures, coma and can also lead to death.The risks can be increased when legal highs are taken with alcohol or with another psychoactive drug. Legal highs can also be addictive and there are additional risks if they are injected.

Drug advisory service Frank says: “Just because a drug is legal to possess, it doesn’t mean it’s safe.”

What Are the Laws Surrounding Legal Highs in the UK?

As we’ve just stated above, legal highs are in fact, illegal in the UK. Before 2016, this wasn’t the case, which meant many got away with either supplying or using these substances.

However, an important piece of legislation came into play just a few years ago. Read on to find out more about the Psychoactive Substances Act of 2016.

How to Treat Addiction to Legal Highs

It may seem hopeless when you’re actively dealing with addiction. But the truth is, there’s always a way to sobriety.

For some people, they’re able to get clean all on their own. But if you or someone you love can’t, there’s no shame in that. There are professional detox and rehabilitation centers that’ll help you on the road to recovery.

Here are the steps to treating addiction to legal highs


The first and most important step is detox.

The physical dependence on its own can be extremely hard to shake, especially on your own. A detox center can help you get through this difficult part with around-the-clock medical assistance. They’ll be able to prescribe medications as needed so you can get through detox safely.

This is considered one of the toughest hurdles to clear. Withdrawal symptoms can be hard to withstand, which causes people to relapse straightaway. But by enrolling in a detox facility, this temptation will be removed, and your chances of success are much higher.


Physical dependence is just one part of the equation. You most likely have a mental dependence on drugs as well.

Once you’ve physically removed all traces of the drugs from your system, the next step is to eliminate your mental addiction. During rehab, you’ll have sessions with counselors. Together, you’ll figure out your triggers for drug abuse and how you can avoid and handle them in a healthy way.

You’ll also get to interact with others going through the same steps of recovery. They’ll often form the basis of your support group outside of rehab, which means you’ll make some friends for life.

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