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Charly Sheen Legal High Powder. Very stimulating with euphoria very similar to coke. A party powder to get the party started this Charly Sheen bath salt legal high is so good it is even better than Charly. Confidence and euphoria are now available for you to buy. With the culmination of hours of research and modern chemistry, this legal coke alternative is indeed a winning formula. Charly Sheen is one of the best Coke like legal high products on the market. Charly Sheen legal high party powder is so good it is only a matter of time before it is made illegal so get yours now while you still can. Charly Sheen bath salt legal high is so good it’s even better than Charly. Charly Sheen party powder is a winning formula since 2011. Winning!!! Charly Sheen legal high is available for discount and bulk prices. The best alternative to coke. Contains Methiopropamine (MPA)I & N-methyl-1-(thiophene-2-yl)propane-2-amine & MDA

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