AMT Legal High, 5 Pills


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Take a ride to the edge of bliss where you have the option of jumping off right into party mode. Yeah, you’ll feel your senses take to leave a bit, but don’t worry: you’ll always have control. In fact, thanks to an increased sense of confidence, you’ll enjoy this little vacation from those reliable senses of yours. Any doubts you have will run and hide as soon as these little party-partners show up. In their place, you’ll find a sense of adventure that’s been lying dormant for too long.

Originally developed as an antidepressant in the 1960s under the brand name Indopan. Similar to MDMA in qualitative effects although chemically unrelated as it belongs to a tryptamine class, structurally it has several similarities to N, N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT).

To preserve quality the AMT legal high pills are sealed in a distinctive foil pouch.